Thursday, January 5, 2017

CBSI graduation - pictures

Community Bible Study International - A graduation ceremony

On December 13th, we gathered to recognize those who have completed these CBS studies of Nehemiah, Ephesians, Acts and Daniel from the church: Iglesia Misionera de Cristo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Sharing their understanding

There were representatives from each class who stood up and spoke about something they learned in the class that was really helpful to them in their relationship with God.

There was a special dance group that led us in worship at the ceremony as well.
I was asked to be the speaker for the event. 


The Men's Class

Women's Class #1

Women's Class #2

Children's Class

They even presented a plaque to Joselo and I, thanking us for the work we
do in the Dominican Republic!
What a treat!
It was a rainy day, so we didn't have a perfect turn out, but it was great to see all of the people who are learning and growing through God's word.

Christmas Retreat - pictures

A Christmas Retreat 

A friendly game of soccer -- only a few people got hurt!
Oh, how they laughed!

Evaluating our work in 2016 - Sharing ideas and setting goals for 2017

The Gala

Back to work on day 2

Belkis gave an inspiring reflection reminding us how important it is that we stay connected
and "filled up" if we want to be able to pour into others.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Opening a New Site for Children's Ministry

On October 1st 2016, the ministry J√≥venes Educando con la Verdad opened a new site for ministry at the church in El Seybo.  The ministry now works in six communities every week.  Praise God!

With the addition of the El Seybo ministry, we also adopted four new youth to the team and 50+ children attended class the first day.  It was a great turn out especially considering the rain that day.

Pictured above are the four new members of the ministry team.  These youth live in El Seybo and are leaders in their church.  We will be sending two members of our team to El Seybo each week to support them, coach them and take them through the discipleship class called Foundations written by Vince Vaughan.

I don't see the classes every week now that I live in Santo Domingo, but I had the opportunity to be present for the opening of this new site.  I was blown away by the growth of the current ministry leaders -- they have grown so much!  They delivered a dynamic lesson that included props and action and energy.  The students were so engaged and excited to be learning.  I was very proud of them!

They also had a craft prepared that was appropriate for all ages and well-prepared.  The students couldn't wait to get their hands working and the leaders were kind and patient.

Praise God for opening the door for us to minister to another group of children.  This is 50+ kids who will have the opportunity to hear the gospel every week, learn more about Jesus, build relationships with Christian role models and get extra practice with their reading and writing skills.  Alleluia!!